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SRCPs - Skin Remodeling Copper Peptides -

There is only one way to turn back the wrinkled hands of time.Only one way --- your body's way.

SRCPs - Skin Remodeling Copper Peptides - offer the key to rebuilding aged and damaged skin. There is no other true method to peel back the bumps, scars and wrinkles while tightening skin. These magic molecules activate epithelial stem cells by increasing protein P63. Without adequate P63, a skin age rapidly and there is accelerated senescence in all the tissues of the body. Then it's out with the old and in with the new . . . as copper molecules remodel skin.

Only SRCPs work with the body's innate processes to rebuild, remodel and restore skin. SRCPs are timeless. They enhance the ebb and flow of the body's natural cycles of renewal. SRCPs also suppress inflammatory cytokines, increase antioxidant proteins, and increase resistance to infection.

Copper peptides provide a cost effective alternative to cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. Avoid the scalpel with skin regenerating copper peptides that remodel skin. Our skin regenerating serums and creams help reduce facial wrinkles, tighten facial skin and provide a lifted appearance without the need for an expensive face lift.

Remodeling is the key to regenerating tight, lifted, wrinkle free skin that will replace cosmetic and plastic surgery. A combination of our patented copper peptides work with hydroxy acids, DMAE, and other anti-aging ingredients to amplify the removal of wrinkles while providing a lifted tightened complexion.

In contrast to Dr. Pickart's discoveries and the science behind our products, cosmetic companies often push products that offer hype and little substance. They are advertising agencies that sell the illusion of hope in a jar.

The use of CP Serum or TriReduction after Skin Needling will produce a much better and faster clearing of the scars, wrinkles, Cellulite Treatment and hyperpigmented skin.

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Bring back gorgeous skin- from within!

Dr. Loren Pickart, the groundbreaking biochemist who discovered Skin Remodeling Copper Peptides (SRCPs), offers practical steps to renew and firm your skin while removing wrinkles, blemishes, and imperfections.

Published studies from over 80 universities and research centers have confirmed Dr. Loren Pickart's copper peptides to:

  • Tighten Loose Skin & Thicken Older Skin
  • Repair Protective Skin Barrier Proteins
  • Improve Skin Firmness
  • Reduce Fine Lines and Depth of Wrinkles
  • Smooth Rough Skin
  • Improve Overall Appearance
  • Act as Anti-Inflammatories
  • Repair Damaged DNA at Cellular Level
  • Reduce Spots, Photo damage, and Hyper pigmentation
  • Help Adult Stem Cells Produce New Skin Cells
  • Control or Affect Over 3900 Human Genes
  • Suppress Numerous Cancer Metastatis Genes

·         What To Expect

·         In a week - Skin color and "glow" improves as the blood capillary network is rebuilt. Lifeless and graying skin regains the rosy glow of youth.

·         In a month - Skin becomes better moisturized as the skin barrier is tightened and the water-holding proteins (proteoglycans) increase. Many users can now stop using skin moisturizers.

·          Skin becomes more firmer and tighter as new collagen and elastin replaces old broken proteins. The skin slowly thickens and become similar to young skin.

·         Over several months - Skin lesions and scars slowly vanish while wrinkles are reduced. The skin is younger-looking, smoother, and blemish-free. This process can be hastened by using hydroxy acids to speed exfoliation.

Start using SRCPs slowly and avoid overuse.

We get spectacular reports from around the world by those who have used our products.

However, it is of note that many of the best reports come from those who have been using the products for some time and have gradually worked up to using the stronger products.

When using SRCPs (especially around the eye area) it is vital to start very slowly and carefully avoid overuse.

Since at times the products can seem very easy to use without any irritation, the tendency can be to apply much more than what is needed.

Overuse is very possible with these products. Signs of overuse can manifest itself through temporary irritation, inflammation, droopiness, looseness, dryness, or any other unwanted effect.

If this occurs, use less product or rest your skin from SRCP products until this goes away. Once that occurs and you start the SRCPs again, use much less and perhaps slowly start back using them even every other day rather than every day.

This can be easily avoided by first using milder products applied lightly and gradually stepping up to the stronger SRCP products.

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