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Professional Natural Looking Permanent Makeup
Microblading 3D Brows
is the perfect answer to the existing methods 
of permanent makeup.

3d Microblading Embroidery Eyebrows
With Microblading, we can     create naturally looking 3D eyebrows, since every hair is drawn manually with a special very thin blade, taking into consideration the growth of your eyebrow hair and the proportions of your face.

Eye Brows Before and AfterEye Brows Before and After
5009 W Friendly ave

 New Location: 
5009 W Friendly Ave
Greensboro NC 27410

 Welcome to Samira's 

Permanent Cosmetics Center!
 We are a recognized leader in permanent cosmetics makeup
and Microblading training.
           serving Greensboro North Carolina since 1985.

Samira's Permanent Cosmetics specializing in:
  to enhance your natural beauty.  
Micro-pigmentation Permanent Makeup application gives you the freedom to do all activities you love without worry.

Micro Skin Needling Anti-Wrinkles,
3D Microblading Brows, Areola, Lash Lift


 Permanent Makeup Training and Microblading Certification provided by Samira
 Perfect Makeup - All Day, Every Day!


before and after 3 D Microblading brows and eyelinerbefore and after 3 D microblading hair strokes brows

beautiful microblading brows

 3 D Microblading brows

For New Student 
2 Days Microblading Training $3000
   And $500 Color Correction
Call for 2018 schedule

3 D microblading brows                                                                               For other training classes

ALOPICHA   Before and After Microblading

Eye Brows Before and After

Nasha is a beautiful lady with Alopecia condition.  She was so excited when she saw the difference with her new eyebrows.
Eyebrows microbladingbefore microblading

Why Choose Samira's Permanent Cosmetic?

Samira provides everything you need artistry, comfort, experience
 (32 years), and safety. She is the ONLY permanent cosmetic tattoo artist in NC who is Master Certified in Permanent Cosmetics. Winner of several “Best Permanent Makeup Artist” awards, her work is natural looking and customized to your satisfaction. She uses the safest high-tech equipment and follows CDC-OSHA infection control standards. Do you want just anyone to tattoo makeup on your face? Or do you want Samira-artist who is a Master certified specialist in permanent cosmetics?

The public demands excellence in Permanent Cosmetics Makeup Samira and Enad Haddad are here to provide it!

My commitment as a specialist is to provide my clients and students with the safest, easiest and most artistic of permanent cosmetics makeup, and most natural looking Eyebrows, Eyeliner, and Lip-Color.
permanent makeup eyeliner and lash lift 
3D Microblading brows

before and after permanent eyelinerBefore                   Permanent Eyeliner                                        After
Samira’s Permanent Makeup Cosmetic is NOT the place for “bargain permanent makeup.” Permanent makeup is an investment in your looks and your health. It is on your face permanently and it is got to be right.  So, do you really want to pay the lowest price for something permanent on your FACE? And how much is your health worth to you? Cosmetic tattooing can change your life.

As dedicated professionals, Samira and Enad enhance your beauty, you can be assured we adhere to the highest standards of safety and ethics as well as technical ability.  Samira's Permanent Makeup uses the strictest sanitation and sterilization and pigments specifically produced for permanent cosmetics. You CAN enjoy permanent makeup without any regrets if you choose a true, Certified Professional instead of low prices. Aren’t you worth it?

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Samira's Permanent Makeup

   5009 W Friendly Ave 
 Greensboro NC 27410


At our Cosmetic Training Center we transform appearances and change lives. We enhance, accentuate and define eyes, eyebrows, lips and Areola Restoration. We also provide a premium level of micro-pigmentation services.
When you choose us you will be in the safest and most dedicated hands.

Permanent Cosmetics Makeup Course taught by Samira who is the Master Certified Since 1987 in Greensboro NC.

We provide permanent cosmetics makeup training to
North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland , Delaware, Tennessee, Georgia and nation wide .

Samira Specializes in Color Correction Procedures
We correct Gray, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green Eyebrows; and
corrects Purple,Blue Lips permanent makeup .

Color correction to permanent brow the microblading

Paramedical Procedures: Areola Pigmentation & Nipple Restoration, Skin Needling Scars and Anti-Wrinkles

Samira designed this "rewarding" training program to the "highest standard in the industry."  You will be guided through your training by Samira, a Certified Instructor and a Master certified PMU Technician with 30 years of experience in permanent makeup.

Our center provides one-on-one training, and small classes. Samira's students receive the permanent cosmetics training to be successful from day one. Beginners and advance students leave with more skill and knowledge than most instructors in this industry.
You will be able to display your Certificates in your new business to ensure your clients of their safety. Our support services will insure your success.

Make More Money...
Set your own working hours...
You decide how much you want to make ...
Minimal investment ...
No prior knowledge or experience necessary...
This highly lucrative field is wide open to cosmetologists, aestheticians, electrologists and nurses in the offices of plastic surgeons.  Consider that ONLY one eyeliner and eyebrow procedure a week will earn over $20,000 a year. The income is unlimited. Prices for eyebrows or eyeliner range from  $300 to $900 for one procedure.

Permanent Cosmetic APPLICATION  for....
Permanent Smokey Eyeliner and Eyebrows Permanent Eyebrows
Microblading 3D Brows
Permanent Eyeliner
Permanent Mucousal Eyeliner
Permanent Full Lip Color

Micro-pigmentation Solutions for....

Areola Pigmentation & Nipple Restoration
Corrective Procedures
Tattoo Removal ProceduresBurn Scars, Skin Tags Removal
Micro-Skin Needling, Lash Lift.

Look Your Very Best 24 Hours A Day & Never Have To Do Your Makeup Again!
Have perfect eyebrows, striking eyes and beautiful lips 
24 hrs a day - with permanent makeup.

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to book your FREE no-obligation consultation.
Permanent Makeup procedures at
Samara's Permanent Makeup


Hair Strokes and Feather Soft Tap Touch is a revolutionary technique and tool that creates a natural, feathery hair stroke permanent makeup. Now, sparse eyebrows or gaps in between hairs can be beautifully filled in and shaded with complimentary color for any skin tone! The Soft Tap tool design can create dimensions to the brows as an option, rather than a solid shaded color application.

Permanent makeup is used for cosmetic enhancements such as permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, lip color and areola restoration. This cosmetic procedure is no fad but rather the wave of the future. Hypoallergenic pigments are used and have always been used for permanent cosmetic procedures.

Do not let this happen to you 

Example of poor Eyebrows makeup

50% of my work is doing correction of substandard work done elsewhere, Picture on the left is one example of incorrect practice.    eyeliner migrate and blue brows, to correct this problem is neither easy nor inexpensive.
this eyeliner can not be corrected.

So it is best to come to Samira's for best  permanent makeup
eyeliner migration very bad and can not be corrected, eyebrows we can fix  
blue brow can be corrected  Call and enroll today in one of the many training classes and get started in your new Career in Permanent Cosmetics. 

Best Permanent Makeup Training School in
North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland , Delaware, Tennessee, Georgia,  and nation wide.
For information on training


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