Lasting Permanent Makeup - Samira's Permanent Cosmetics and Training Center

Samira's Permanent Cosmetics Makeup Give you A Lasting Permanent Makeup. Samira Works With a Pre-Sterilized Single-Use Needle Cartridge System, Ruling Out Any Worries of Cross contamination.
Prices range from $ 300 to $ 900 to be determined at 
Free Consultation time.

 Free Consultation
  •   3D Microblading Permanent Eyebrows
  •   Permanent Eyeliner 
  •   Mucosal Tissue wet line
  •   Lip liner. Full Color Lips . Full lips &Lip liner
  •   Beauty Mark
  •   Areola
  •   Color correction    Re-color Blue Gray Brows       or Purple
  •   Lash Tint   $20, Eyebrow Tint   $20
  •   LASH LIFT  $95.00
  •   Micro Skin Needling
  •  Tattoo Removal 
  •   Brow Waxing   
All permanent makeup procedures include one free touch-up to be scheduled no later than 90 days from original procedures.       

Micro Skin Needling for face 
Noninvasive procedure is long lasting and all natural,  
re-surfacing rejuvenation for the skin. Price: $150 TO $400.
  • Anti-Wrinkles Treatment / Anti-Aging.Acne Scars Removal / Surgical Scar 
  • Hyper-pigmentation /Age-Spot 
  • Stretch Marks Removal / Treatment.
  •  Cellulite Treatment
  • Hair loss Restoration