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Permanent Makeup Training and Certification
 Permanent makeup is in high demand NOW IS THE TIME TO LEARN
Permanent Makeup Classes
Permanent makeup is not that difficult to learn.  If it were difficult you could not learn permanent makeup in short period of time. 
Get Certified in Embroidery  Soft Tap Hand tool and create the feathery Hair Strokes Natural look
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We do Classes Twice a month
Small classes limited to 2 to 4 students, individual attention
        Quality Permanent Makeup Training
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A Career in Permanent Makeup, also known as micropigmentation, cosmetic tattooing can be your path to being your own boss, flexible hours and getting paid what you are worth. Lasting permanent makeup provides you Training Courses that will help you get started in this rapidly growing industry.
Whether you have been thinking about it or are ready to get started in it ,
Now is the time Samira will show you how easy it can be and answer questions on how to get started in this lucrative and rewarding field. Come with questions and be prepared to learn from one of the most sought after permanent makeup artists in North Carolina.South Carolina and Virgina.
Today more than ever, women are having permanent cosmetics applied such as lip color, eyeliner and eyebrow procedures to define and enhance their appearance, reducing the time and money spent on daily beauty preparations.
Each procedure nets $300.00 to $900.00
Samira trains individuals who are looking for a new career and a profitable opportunity. "Your Success means our Success"
This rewarding career offers satisfaction of giving clients greater self-images and confidence in their appearance.
Our center provides one-on-one training, and small classes. Samira's students receive the training to be successful from day one; beginners and advance students leave with more skill and knowledge than most instructors in this industry.
We have flexible schedules and keep small class to ensure your success.models are provided for you to work on.or you can bring your own model, a friend or family member is a great, All models
must come in advance for consultation and fee payment.We look forward to working with you.
Our ideal training courses designed for beginners, advanced and specialty
techniques.Each student will receive Certificate upon completion of the course
     * Certificate of Completion in Permanent Makeup
            * Certificate of Bloodborne Pathogens Training .     
Basic "hands-on" training......
100 hours Certified Training
 Lasting Permanent Makeup offers a progressive and innovative fundamental training program for beginners encompassing all practical aspects relating to the permanent cosmetics profession.
Classroom- Heavy emphasis is placed on color theory, technique, sterilization,
hands-on experience and building your business during this intensive 100 hour comprehensive Permanent Cosmetic course.
                                                    Tray Set-up Procedure
. Client Consultation
. Client photo & Preparation
. Application of Topical Anesthetic
 Color Theory
. Implantation of Pigment
Permanent Makeup Procedures, Hands On
   Lip liner, lip color
  Color Correction
. Post Procedure Care
Sanitation and sterilization
  OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens
An educated client is a happy client.
Hands-On- Model procedure-2 eyeliner, 2 eyebrows, 1 lip liner/lip color
65 hours hand on training
The beginner classes 5 days and includes
A kit containing ( $ 700 value )includes
PMU Machine
Workbook (35 hours home study)
 5 pigments
10 needles
 numbing agents
miss. start-up supplies
1 free day to return for extra training-or review
1 year of trainer support
All students will be expected to complete 6 procedures such as Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lip Color.
Permanent Makeup Corrective Procedures will be included in
Beginners & Advance courses such as:
Recolor Blue or Purple Lips,
Recolor Blue, Purple, Pink, Green or Gray Eyebrows
Reshape Eyebrows
$3,500 To $5,500 depending on the interview and number of Hours and Training days.
Send in your enrollment application with $150.00 as soon as you can and you will be next in line to attend class.All application will be held till full payment is applied 14 days before class to be locked in the schedule.
Aerola Training : $1800.00  for student that already do PMU or
$1000.00 added to $5,500.00 Class
Embroidery soft Tap tool: Become a Soft Tap Permanent Makeup Specialist  $1875.00
Learn and get Certified in Soft Tap Hand tool and create the feathery Hair Strokes Natural look.
The Advanced courses such as Color Corrections, Color removal, Embroidery permanent makeup, Aerola,Mucosal, Eyebrows stroke, starting a PMU business, no pain technique and other specialty courses to be discussed at the interview.
Price $1,800 and up.
ONE Day Advance Training $990.00
Clinical testing on live models for both programs
Learn how to apply individual eyelashes. Applying extensions is a highly technical and skilled procedure. A bad job can damage your lashes and be painful.
Our technicians train on the best and safest products that outlash others and we are held to strict quality control standards.
Our combination of great skill and excellent products will show in the longevity and beautiful natural appearance and feel of your lashes.
 Dermal Rolling Skin Needling Training
Learn Dermal Rolling:Percutaneous Collagen Induction Therapy , 10 hours $1899.00
   Skin Needling
Skin needling is a resurfacing procedure that sounds like it’s straight out of science fiction, but has been shown to be a less-invasive method to improve skin texture and concerns such as scarring and fine lines. ...
Samira performs skin needling and most clients  require 3 to 6 session to achieve desired results.
Skin needling, also known as Facial Mesotherapy and Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), involves using a hand held roller infused with multiple, fine-pointed needles on the skin’s surface. This hand held roller contains needles that are 1-3mm long and the pinpoint punctures created on the epidermis penetrate the very top most layer of the dermis. This action activates the skin’s natural wound healing process by releasing fibroblasts and growth factors that create collagen and elastin.
. Skin needling was created by a South African plastic surgeon in 1997, who discovered that this procedure is a harmless and less invasive method of inducing the skin to create collagen and elastin. Since it’s discovery, skin needling has been used for treating sensitive areas that other skin resurfacing procedures may need to avoid, such as scars, vertical lines around the mouth, below the eyes, the neck, backs of hands and thighs.   Skin needling has been found to give the same results as other resurfacing treatments, such as laser, chemical peeling and dermabrasion, but is considered less invasive than these three because the epidermis is left intact. Skin needling is also less likely to cause permanent damage, such as sun sensitivity, skin color loss or hyperpigmentation.
      Small classes, individual attention
        Quality Permanent Makeup Training
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